Barbara Vlack

Author / Quiltmaking Teacher / Designer


Class Title

Block Drawing in EQ7


Experiment with sophisticated drawing tools in EQ7, creating simple and complex pieced blocks, irregular shaped blocks, and appliqué blocks.

Supply List

  • Laptop computer with EQ7 installed and activated prior to coming to class.

    * ALTERNATIVE: For classes in a computer lab, with prior arrangement with the instructor, the instructor will provide a copy of the program with a limited time use license to load into the computers in the lab.
  • Power supply for the laptop
  • External mouse that is compatible with the laptop
  • Mouse pad
  • Spare battery if mouse is wireless
  • Note-taking materials
  • EQ7 User manual
  • A picture of a traditional pieced block you would like to draw in EQ7 (don’t make it too complex!)

Student Level

Intermediate EQ7 or EQ6 user who has designed quilts and printed patterns from either EQ6 or EQ7.

Class Length

6 hours plus lunch break

Class Size

24, as long as there is adequate table space for each student and laptop plus note-taking materials.

Teacher Will Provide

  • LCD projector if venue does not have one
  • Handouts to support instruction
  • Personal laptop to use for demonstrations

Classroom Requirements

  • Projection screen or unbroken surface with little or no texture, size appropriate for classroom
  • Lavaliere microphone if classroom is large
  • Electricity: The classroom must have enough outlets to connect 25 computers (including the instructor’s) and one LCD projector without worry of power fluctuations.
  • Tables for students with adequate space for setting up laptop and note-taking materials
  • Display table for teacher