Barbara Vlack

Author / Quiltmaking Teacher / Designer


Class Title

We’ve Got ’Em Surrounded! For a Half-Day


Explore possibilities for single or multiple border quilts. Learn to measure, design and draft a pieced and an appliquéd border to fit your quilts. Two different categories of borders will be presented: triangles and vining. This is a drafting workshop -- no sewing machine is required, though Barb will demonstrate freezer paper foundation piecing for the triangle border. We are not producing a project here.

Supply List

  • 5 sheets of quarter-inch graph paper (8 1/2" x 11")
  • pencil
  • 12" ruler – a see-through acrylic ruler works easiest
  • one 6-inch square of muslin or “background” fabric
  • one 6-inch square of a contrasting scrap fabric
  • one 6-inch square of another contrasting scrap fabric
  • sewing supplies for a little bit of hand sewing: needle, thread, pins, scissors, etc. These tools and the above fabric are for a hand-appliqué demonstration and hands-on practice, so the fabrics can be “disposable."
  • paper scissors

Student Level

Intermediate to advanced knowledge and experience with quiltmaking. This is not a class for beginners.

Class Length

3 hours

Class Size

Required Workbook

20 maximum, as long as there is adequate table space for each student. Recommended: 2 students per 6-foot table.

Students are required to purchase a workbook for $20, which describes the techniques taught in this class plus a lot more.
The workbook is 50+ pages loaded with information. Checks may be made payable to Barbara Vlack or cash will be accepted. The workbook may not be copied by students for sharing.


Classroom Requirements

  • Tables and chairs for students (please no more than 2 students per 6-foot table)
  • Table for teaching supplies
  • Table for projection equipment
  • Screen to accept projection
  • Sewing machine (nothing fancy – only straight stitch will be used) with bobbin and top thread and spare needle
  • Electricity: The classroom must have at least one outlet (and/or extension cord) to connect the instructor’s computer, which requires a 3-prong outlet and one LCD projector and one iron without worry of power fluctuations.
  • ** Extension cord for at least three 3-pronged plugs (for projector, computer, and iron)
  • ** White board or other board to use for illustrations
  • ** Markers and eraser for white board
  • ** Iron (small craft iron plus pad to iron on is fine)

** Will be provided by instructor IF she is driving from home to workshop site