Barbara Vlack

Author / Quiltmaking Teacher / Designer


Class Title

PatchDraw - Motif Drawing in EQ7


Learn to draw irregular shaped blocks to use for virtual borders for scallops and prairie points; free-standing appliqué motifs, and quilting stencils.

Supply List

  • Laptop computer with EQ7 installed and activated prior to coming to class.

    * ALTERNATIVE : For classes in a computer lab, with prior arrangement with the instructor, the instructor will provide a copy of the program with a limited time use license to load into the computers in the lab.
  • Power supply for the laptop;
  • External mouse that is compatible with the laptop;
  • Mouse pad;
  • Spare battery if mouse is wireless;
  • Note-taking materials;
  • EQ7 User manual.

Student Level

Intermediate EQ7 or EQ6 user who has designed quilts and printed patterns from either EQ6 or EQ7.

Class Length

3 hours.

Class Size

24, as long as there is adequate table space for each student and laptop plus note-taking materials.

Teacher Will Provide

  • LCD projector if venue does not have one.
  • Handouts to support instruction.
  • Personal laptop to use for demonstrations.

Classroom Requirements

  • Projection screen or unbroken surface with little or no texture, size appropriate for classroom.
  • Lavaliere microphone if classroom is large.
  • Electricity: The classroom must have enough outlets to connect 25 computers (including the instructor’s, which requires a 3-prong outlet) and one LCD projector without worry of power fluctuations.
  • Tables for students with adequate space for setting up laptop and note-taking materials.
  • Display table for teacher.