Barbara Vlack

Author / Quiltmaking Teacher / Designer


Class Title

Get a Fix on EQ7
(lecture/demo – no hands-on)



In this EQ7 demonstration, students will see a variety of quilt designs made possible by using the program. The demo will include exploring the block library, setting blocks into quilt layouts, adding borders, coloring blocks on the quilt, and printing patterns. It will also show how to design quilts with variations in layout that will make a dramatic design difference. See how borders can enhance a quilt and how to draw original block designs.


Supply List

Note-taking materials.


Student Level

Open to those interested in EQ7 and how it works. Ownership of the program is not a pre-requisite. No previous experience necessary.


Class Length

3 Hours.

Class Size

Limited to the space available.


Teacher Will Provide

  • LCD projector if venue does not have one.
  • Personal laptop to use for demonstrations.

Classroom Requirements

  • Projection screen or unbroken surface with little or no texture, size appropriate for classroom.
  • Lavaliere microphone if classroom is large.
  • Electricity: The instructor needs to have access to an electrical outlet for a computer and one LCD projector without worry of power fluctuations. An extension cord needs to accommodate at least two plugs, one of which is 3-pronged.
  • Display table for teacher.